The Hope Store - Thrifty Lifestyles for Everyone
Donating with ReSupply is simple! It starts with a few taps of your finger at the comfort of your home. Shortly after, a charity employee will pick-up your donation and deliver it to your chosen charity! If you haven't downloaded the ReSupply app yet, what are you doing! Get it on the app store and Google Play now and help your local community out by donating used goods. Introducing Resupply! A mobile app that facilitates the donation of used goods. In other words, Giving Made Simple ™. The donation of one item has the potential to change lives and better our world. Uploading a donation to the ReSupply app is as easy as taking a picture! What are you waiting for, help your local community by donating today! From offering doorstep pickups to delivering a digital tax credit directly to you, The ReSupply app truly is Giving Made Simple.™ The ReSupply team is dedicated to delivering a product that is simple to use, making it easy to better a cause that resonates with you! 
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