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Court Ordered Community Service Rules

  • We only accept minor offenses such as: traffic violations, DUI, and other misdemeanors.
  • We do not accept shoplifting, theft, robbery, burglary, assault or any violent crimes.

  • You must wear closed-toe shoes. No sandals or flip flops allowed.
  • No short shorts, bare midriffs, or sagging pants.
  • No profanity, vulgar language, inappropriate words, slogans or pictures allowed on clothing.
  • Baseball caps must face forward.
  • No see-through or low-cut tops allowed.

  • You must stay for a minimum of one hour any time you work.
  • You must check out with a store employee when you leave. Failure to do so means that shift doesn’t count.
  • You are responsible for your personal possessions. We recommend you keep them in your car.
  • No cell phone use is allowed while you are working. You may use your phone on lunch break only.

  • DO NOT enter the store under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. Possession, consumption, or distribution of any illegal substances will be subject to dismissal and possible arrest. Johns Creek police are allowed to patrol the store at any time.

  • You must park in the front parking lot. No parking in the back of the store.
  • No one is allowed to remove any items from the trash bins.  Any wanted items must be purchased at the front counter.
  • Only employees are allowed behind the swinging doors of the front counter. No exceptions.

Failure to follow any of the above rules may result in immediate dismissal.

Additional information you will need to bring on your first day
  • County of Offence
  • Offence Charged
  • Probation Officer Name & Phone Number
  • Emergency Contact Name & Phone Number

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